We challenge traditional approaches to property development by providing inspiring solutions that offer sustainable value.

Kari Helin, HGR Property Partners CEO and Regenero board member, says real estate development will become increasingly holistic in the future. 

What defines Regenero solutions?

“Our development solutions bring together a diverse array of services and users. For example, Keilaniemenranta, which is currently under development, will combine living and work with basic and leisure services in a unique waterfront setting. The area is being developed into a vibrant and cosmopolitan district with carefully-designed public spaces. Like all of our other developments, Keilaniemenranta is located in an area that is well-served by public transportation and motor vehicle connections.”

What’s the secret to Regenero’s sustainable value?

“Our properties owe their versatility to urban environments that users can enjoy. Our environments are based on sustainability. We also aim to ensure that the value of our developments extends beyond the physical structures we create to increase the attractiveness of the city environments in which they are located.”

Juha Kostiainen, YIT director of urban development and Regenero board chairman believes that Regenero will generate considerable value for investors, financiers and city residents.

Why do we need a company like Regenero?

“As cities become denser, property developers need to create innovative and creative solutions for complementary construction as well as the development of urban environments. Developers need the ability to recognize hidden potential and the readiness to begin development projects – at short notice, if required.”

What are the benefits of cooperating with Regenero?

“Whether it’s a project that involves renovating an office block or a larger new build, we introduce vitality and appeal to the districts we develop. This enhanced value offers advantages to investors as well as municipalities. Users of our developments benefit from solutions tailor-made to meet their specific needs.”