Our projects are centrally-located in urban centers near transportation hubs. 

Our developments are large-scale and may contain multi-functional spaces, such as office and business premises, residences and various public sector service points.

Tietotie 6

A smart learning environment and flexible office spaces

The building located at Tietotie 6 in Espoo is being refurbished to provide both learning spaces for two schools and office spaces for Espoo municipal officials. The interior of the red-brick structure will be flexible to allow for multi-purpose use: quiet working spaces, meeting rooms or even a setting for mingling and performances. The project will be completed in phases during 2018 and 2019. The project was sold to Special Investment Fund eQ Care in December 2018.

Area: 26,000 m²

Description: Office and School premises

Location: Otaniemi, Espoo

Raaden hammas

Finland’s tallest office building reborn

In autumn 2017, Regenero acquired Fortum’s previous office tower headquarters in Keilamnemi, Raaden hammas, for renovation into a modern office block and a services hub. Raaden hammas’ unique profile will be capped by a rooftop restaurant with a terrace. Lower floors will feature a grocery store, a lunch diner, a daycare and a fitness center. Upon completion in 2020, the tower will become the headquarters of anchor tenant Accountor Group. The Raaden hammas development will introduce Keilaniemi’s first service hub, which will provide essential basic services for people living and working in the area.

Area: 23,500 m²

Description: Office development project

Location: Keilaniemi, Espoo


Keilaniemenranta – a vibrant 24-hour waterfront district

Regenero is developing Keilaniemi into a vibrant urban district that will include a 161-meter-high office and hotel tower, high-quality living quarters, a broad range of basic services and a magnificent seafront promenade. Located at the heart of the development is Raaden hammas, the former headquarters of Fortum energy company, which is being upgraded into a modern office tower and services hub. Previously known exclusively for its business focus, Keilaniemi will be transformed into a dynamic 24-hour district that will be a joy to live, work and study in and will also offer quality services. The project will be completed in phases by 2025.

Area: 100,000 m²

Description: Office and hotel development

Location: Keilaniemi, Espoo 

The following projects are joint ventures undertaken by YIT and HGR Property Partners before the establishment of Regenero.

Sturenkatu 21

A protected functional-style property upgraded for Unilever

Volvo’s former arched car dealership was renovated to serve as the head office for the international brand Unilever. Remodeling the protected space into office premises required creativity, resolve and close cooperation with the Finnish National Board of Antiquities. The Sturenkatu 21 property was transformed into a modern and distinctive open office. New occupants have been inspired by the timelessness and uniqueness of the new space. 

Area: 8,300 m²

Description: Office building

Location: Vallila, Helsinki

Park Vallila

ParkVallilla – new facilities for Helsinki’s Academy of Fine Arts

A single-tenant space was re-designed into a modern multi-user work and study center that also houses the Academy of Fine Arts. ParkVallilla also features a cozy diner. The Academy had long wrestled with air quality problems in its previous location and was in urgent need of a new base when it found a space at ParkVallilla. 

Area: 17,000 m²

Description: Office building

Location: Vallila, Helsinki


Rapid turnaround for Helsinki vocational school

The city of Helsinki urgently needed a new campus for a vocational school. A property on Elimäenkatu 23 that formerly housed the teleoperator Sonera was successfully renovated for the purpose in an exceptionally tight schedule of just three months. The new tenants had many demands for the space: a location close to its central offices, a safe and independent complex and the capacity to accommodate multi-functional learning activities. As a result of active dialog and cooperation the project was completed on schedule and the institution was able to occupy the new premises at the start of the new academic year in August 2013.

Area: 4,000 m²

Description: Educational campus

Location: Vallila, Helsinki

Ruoholahdenkatu 23

From inefficient to effective use of space

A previously under-utilized property located at Ruoholahdenkatu 23 was completely refurbished to better serve the needs of Kaleva Travel. The property was also expanded by 1,300 square meters. A street-level grocery store was introduced, along with diverse customer services in the lobby and a second-floor restaurant. Modernizing the property with understated elegance and harnessing the space for effective use has enhanced its appeal.

Area: 7,800 m²

Description: Office building

Location: Ruoholahti, Helsinki

Kasarmikatu 21

An architectural masterpiece in downtown Helsinki

Located at the corner of Kasarmikatu in Helsinki’s historic Kaartinkaupunki district, Kasarmikatu 21 is an architecturally-striking office block that accommodates premium tenants such as Roschier, Danske Bank and Taaleri. Constructed using blonde natural stone, the building’s street and basement levels offer a cozy coffee shop, a diner and bistro, an interior design store and a car wash. The project was inspired by law firm Roschier’s search for a new centrally-located head office that could be customized to meet its needs. A former public works department building located alongside Kasarmintori was eventually demolished to make way for the new build, which has enhanced the appeal of the entire Kasarmintori area.

Verkkosivut: https://www.kasarmikatu21.fi

Area: 16,000 m²      

Description: Office building

Location: Kaartinkaupunki, Helsinki